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Individuals & Families

You and your family have many low cost, quality health insurance options available through the Individual Marketplace.

You can quickly compare health plan options and apply for assistance that could lower the cost of your health coverage. You may also qualify for health care coverage from Medicaid or Child Health Plus through the Marketplace. Anyone can apply here.

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Small Businesses

The Small Business Marketplace can make it simple and easy for you to offer high quality, affordable health insurance coverage to your employees while taking advantage of the small business health care tax credit.

You can compare multiple plans and carriers online available 24/7. Click on "Get Quick Quote & Get Started" now to view the plans and rates available for your small business.

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Sole Proprietors You can buy health insurance coverage through the Individual Marketplace, where you may be eligible for tax credits that reduce the cost of coverage.


Brokers are the experts who advise small business owners about their health plan choices and help them make the best decisions for their employees and for their business.

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Interested in becoming a broker certified to sell on the NY State of Health Marketplace? Brokers must be trained and certified for the Individual, Small Business or both marketplaces.Learn more about becoming a certified broker for the NY State of Health Marketplace.

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