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Notices of Privacy Practices

The NY State of Health (formerly referred to as the New York Health Benefit Exchange) is part of the New York State Department of Health (the "Department").

Notices of Privacy Practices are statements from the Department's HIPAA covered programs, which describe how the program uses and discloses individually identifiable information maintained or collected by the program. The Notice also informs the reader of his/her rights with respect to the information and how the reader may exercise such rights, for example: the right to access the information, the right to request an amendment of the information, the right to restrict uses of the information, etc. The Notices are not forms to be completed, but rather are educational documents.

NY State of Health

  • Notice of Marketplace Privacy Practices (PDF, 421KB, 3pg.)
  • Child Health Plus Program

  • Notice of CHP Privacy Practices - English Version
  • Notice of CHP Privacy Practices - Spanish Version
  • New York Medicaid Program

  • Notice of Privacy Practices - English Version
  • Notice of Privacy Practices - Spanish Version
  • Notice of Privacy Practice 2009 - English Version (PDF, 33KB, 3pg.)
  • Notice of Privacy Practice 2009 - Spanish Version (PDF, 35KB, 3pg.)
  • Summary of Privacy Practices

    The Marketplace cares about your privacy. You may provide personal information to the Marketplace to determine whether you qualify for an insurance affordability program such as Medicaid, Child Health Plus or advance premium tax credits and to enroll in these programs if you are eligible. You may provide personal information to shop for and enroll in a health plan. Or, you may provide personal information to enroll in a health plan through your employer, through the Small Business Marketplace. "Personal information" means information that can be used to identify you, including your full name, address or telephone number.

    The information provided by you, including your personal information, is collected and used by the Marketplace only for the purposes for which you provided it. The Marketplace will only disclose your information if you have consented to the disclosure for particular purposes. For example, if you have provided personal information to check your eligibility for insurance affordability programs, the Marketplace will check your information against other government data sources to determine eligibility for the programs. When you select a health plan, the Marketplace will send your enrollment information to the plan and the plan will verify that they received the information.

    The Marketplace limits access to personal information to only those employees and subcontractors who need access to perform their official duties. Employees and subcontractors are required to follow appropriate procedures to protect personal information.

    The Marketplace has procedures to safeguard its information technology assets including authentication, monitoring, auditing and encryption. These security procedures have been integrated into the design, implementation and day-to-day operations of the Marketplace.

    The full Privacy Policy is available here. (PDF, 143KB, 3pg.)